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All teams exist to get something done. But that doesn’t make them the right team. The Right Team is the one that holds itself to uncommon standards, that knows how to win, that knows how to excel and that perseveres.

The founder of Navigator Financial, Jim Collins leads a team of financial professionals at the top of their game, who create winning investment strategies for Navigator's four elite client groups: business owners, professional athletes, specialist professionals and individual investors.


Jim focuses on analyzing, researching and delivering personalized plans to meet the diverse financial needs of our clients. An experienced and industry-recognized financial advisor, Jim's areas of expertise include estate planning and tax strategies.


In the community, Jim actively supports local children's charities.


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Some people say, “It's all about relationships,” but they don't quite know how to do that. Cam, however, lives it. He knows that at the centre of every decision, and at the heart of everything that matters to us is a relationship that matters. He knows it, he lives it, and his clients know it.

If you boiled down how Cam operates to a simple phrase, it would be that Everyone Is Taken Care Of. Whether he's solving the technical issues of wealth accumulation, asset protection, and longer term estate and tax planning, he'll work with you to develop a plan where you'll feel taken care of. At company events, he makes sure everyone is taken care of, and every detail is taken care of. Even in community charitable events, he wants to make sure everyone is OK.

It's reassuring to know someone is so focused on the relationship that they'll keep reaching out and staying connected through thick and thin. That's Cam.


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When Gord works with our clients, there’s something that’s very obvious: he likes to participate. He’s not the kind of person who’s a spectator in life; he’s in the game. When he’s working on client planning and solving wealth accumulation, asset allocation and insurance issues, he wants to understand what really matters to you, then he wants to help you find a way to get it.

Gord grew up with financial planning – his dad has been in the business for years – and he was drawn to the opportunity of creating great relationships that have a real impact on the lives of his clients. Meeting and helping people is great work. Energetic, interested and caring deeply about his clients, Gord is an advisor you want on your team.


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While Brandon Prust is well-known and respected for his time in the NHL, he's better known as someone who takes care of people, on and off the ice.


A London native, Brandon has held a simple approach of working hard, being coachable, and being kind to the people around him. It has earned him a professional and personal reputation for being supportive and caring. But he's tough at the same time. When the pressure goes up, he's there. When people need his guidance. He's there. These are some of the many reasons we're thrilled to have Brandon on the Navigator team.

Brandon has been a client of the firm, and a student of finance since his 20's Unfortunately, he's witnessed first-hand the effects of poor judgement and poor guidance when it comes to how elite performers handle their wealth. He's also seen the powerful impact that great guidance has on the future of a top performer. Quite simply, good advice has a compounding effect – and it's one he intends to bring to like-minded high-performers, whether in business or in sport.

Active in the community, involved with the London Knights, and the founder of a children's charity that has already raised over $1 million, Brandon is true to his word; helping those around him and keeping the spotlight where it belongs – on you.


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Greg was born and raised in London, ON and is a licensed broker with over 15 years of experience in the Insurance industry. His career started at Great-West Life where he held an Account Manager role for 4 years and was recognized as 'Specialist of the Year' in 2003. Since then, he has worked as an independent insurance broker. Greg was also awarded the Ronald J. Beriault Award for having the province's highest client retention with the Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plan. Greg has also been consistently recognized as a top performer with the Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plan in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. By working for an insurance company in the past, Greg has a true understanding of how they price and position the products to the client and is successful in leveraging this knowledge to benefit the client rather than the Insurer.


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Ainsleigh Saad is the heart of our business. As Office Manager, she is responsible for running all elements of the day-to-day business: she manages the team, provides a high level of support to all advisors, builds lasting relationships with clients, and helps to set the direction for the company.


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Roxanne Carter joined Navigator in 2015 as our Investment Associate. With over 15 years’ experience in the investment and insurance industry, Roxanne works closely with the partners and our clients to manage the administration of investment plans. Roxanne understands the ins and outs of investment products and taxes, and loves working with clients to service their investment needs.


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Tasha Blanco joined the Navigator team in 2017 as our Insurance Associate. She has a strong background in customer service and is passionate about working with our clients in all areas of insurance. Tasha assists our clients throughout the underwriting process, and is our go-to person for any insurance related activities.


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Navigator is in the unique position of having Scott Sadler as an exclusive business partner. In his capacity as Actuary, Scott works with insurance companies to redesign existing products and policies to meet the specific needs of our clients. In doing so, he delivers maximum value to our clients as they pay only for those facets of the policy they need, not for those they will never use.


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Steve has three decades of experience in the insurance industry in roles supporting financial advisors. He has spoken at numerous corporate and industry conferences, including Conference of Advanced Life Underwriters, Federated Press and Strategy Institute on topics such as taxation, business succession, exempt life insurance and other estate planning topics.

Steve works with Navigator Financial and their clients to ensure tax and related matters are properly incorporated into the analysis of client goals, planning issues and opportunities and proposed planning and financial product solutions.


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Meredith handles Navigator Financial's client events and promotions and is a member of the golf tournament committee. Meredith runs exciting and innovative events for both clients and prospective clients of Navigator Financial.


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It doesn’t take long to realize that Chris is driven by principles that are timeless, but adapts with practices that are leading edge. He’s focused on the well-being of others – and it shows. Whether it’s in his role as an Associate Advisor at Navigator, his time on stage as a motivational speaker, his participation on the board of the Thames Valley Children’s Centre or as Co-Chair of the London Sports Celebrity Dinner, he works toward the well-being of the people around him.

Clients have come to count on his guidance and advice for their wealth and estate planning. He clarifies the needs of his clients and makes sure their decisions are appropriate, resilient, thoughtful and can withstand challenging circumstances.


Chris has a special expertise and attentiveness to planning for the financial care of people with disabilities, and their families; both of whom need to ensure they are cared for, and planned for, appropriately. His own experience with cerebral palsy and substantial hearing impairment have honed his appreciation, understanding and empathy for others who have had to find flexible ways to successfully navigate life. Focused, thoughtful and an unabashed Leaf’s fan, Chris will plan for your well-being.